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[Nov. 1st, 2015|09:37 pm]
Ok, just like, a separate entry for all this boring blah blah, because I felt like the last one was bigger and kind of separate.

I felt like I finally did a good job of being a responsible, adult person this weekend, and for no real reason, I would like to run through all of it.

My car had gotten to a state that was just completely embarrassing and I didn't even want the other parents to glance at it when I drop off kiddo at daycare. There was a bunch of shit in it but the worst part was that there were a bunch of cheerios that had gotten ground into the carpet. And I'm not talking about like, 2 or 3 cheerios. Like imagine that a 2 year old dumped an entire bowl of cheerios on the floor and then you stepped on them trying to get them out of her car seat. That many cheerios.

Also, her car seat had 2 years' worth of food and generally shit ground into it, and desperately needed to be cleaned.

So, I youtubed some videos and got the cover to her car seat off, and took my car to the car wash while grandma watched her. They vacuumed up the entire bowl of cheerios and 2 years' worth of crumbs out of her car seat. And then I successfully reattached the car seat cover. I mean, mostly successfully. I found some weird buckle thing in the drier that I definitely didn't detach? So...I also didn't reattach it. I hope the car seat still works?

And then today I: made breakfast, drove my husband to the airport, bought $168.97 of groceries at Sprouts (including an orchid and cut irises), unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, folded and put away a load of whites, made lunch, took out a lot of recycling, washed and folded and put away darks and towels and sheets, re-made my bed, made bolognese and pasta, re-cleaned the kitchen, and packed lunch for both me and kiddo for tomorrow.

So my car is clean, every bed in my house has clean sheets, and lunches are packed.

I think I did a pretty good job.